Benefits of Science Fairs

  • 2018-04-14

Benefits of Science Fairs

The notion of concerning students in the science fair has many rewards.

Every school in India should make science fair as a compulsory annual event. Unfortunately, in India, almost all the science-related events at the school levels are in the category of science exhibition. Those are not building something baseless from plastic, that’s not science.

On the other hand, science fair projects are poles apart. They are based on day today’s observations that lead to query and scientific research by utilizing the scientific method. In the end, these students present a nice scientific research paper containing good data and a conclusion. If we have to flourish and accomplish something in this world, then we have to show our development in science. The benefits of participating in “Science Fairs” are plentiful;

Science Fair Participation Benefits to Students

  • Students start their involvement in a science fair at the fourth-grade level and this continues up to twelfth grade, as a result; they build up interest in science when they are still adolescents.
  • Children show a lot of concentration in doing their science assignments, as they are entirely occupied in the experiment, many times their projects are done at home; therefore family members are also directly caught up in these experiments. Like students, they also become curious about the outcome of the projects. This is essential because the whole family starts seeing science as a subject of choice.
  • Their ability to think and observation improves; they build up new talents and skills. They are inquisitive about their surroundings and nature.
  • Students learn how to independently study by researching.

    The ‘learning independently’ part is crucial, hence, it should not be ignored.

  • They also discover how to successfully present their work in scientific sessions, develop skills of being interviewed.
  • It helps them in choosing a professional science career.
  • They tend to have strong college applications as well as a job application.
  • Many colleges and universities offer merit scholarships to high school graduates who are winners in science fairs.
  • Of course science fair itself brings them generous scholarships, awards, plaques, medals, and certificates.
  • Award-winning science projects are selected to participate at the national and international levels, which further helps them to have more monetary awards and recognition. This brings national and international fame.
  • Gains national and international traveling experience.
  • Many a time high school students seek help from college and university faculty members for their science projects, these contacts are also a potential benefit to them.
  • Students become very organized and learn the best way to manage their time for extra activities. Some of the students continue to do more than one science project for more than one year and bring the best project that finishes early for the competition; the other unfinished projects role back for the next year’s competition.

The importance of science in kids’ lives is unmatchable, so is in adults. While books provide theoretical knowledge, projects and experiments teach beyond that.

Embracing the practical culture of science within your kid is perhaps the best reward a brilliant mind can get.

Acknowledge it, cherish it, empower it. That’s how you raise another Tesla.

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