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YASH 2020

One of the most attractive events for students looking to showcase their projects and ideas. Multiple events too will be held during the course and winners in each category will be awarded along with the exposure they are bound to get.

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Milset events in 2020

Expo-Sciences Europe 2020

2020/07/25 - 2020/07/31

Suceava, Romania


Expo-Sciences Vostok 2020

2020/06/14 - 2020/06/20

Almaty, Kazakhstan


ExpoSciences Latin America

2020/05/21 - 2020/05/24

Turrialba, Costa Rica


Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2020

August 2020

Hong Kong SAR China


APCYS 2020

Be a part of the Indian contigent for the vent and showcase your projects and innovations internationally. To be held in Yakutsk, Russia, the event will see participation from 22 countries with projects in multiple categories.

Register today for the event and get the global exposure you need for the bright future ahead.

IEYI - 2020

International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI) 2019 brings the best brains from across the world together on one common platform to present their innovations. IEYI imparts interpersonal skills and helps young innovators advocate their own ideas and articulate a view point with confidence. To be hled in Indonesia, the event is expected to have a turnout of more than 200 participants. Register today!

Our Achievements

  • Grant of Rs 1 Lakh to the best deserving project
  • Do some real science
  • Design own experiments/projects
  • International Exposure
  • Science Forum
  • Awards and Accolades

about FGSI


FGSI aims to foster interest and excitement about science and technology while offering a rewarding platform with competitive setting. Students can use now this platform to showcase their well-researched projects and set the stage for their academic careers.


FGSI created a set of resources which can be used by students to develop their science instinct into a product or a service that meets international standards. Participants can now just sit back and make good use of study tools provided to enhance their science project.

Science Forum

The science forum implemented by FGSI enables participants to share their project or science related queries with experts and senior scientist from all over India. This is an ideal way to get an insight on the project and receive guidance for furthering the idea.

why choose us?

  • Grant of Rs 1 Lakh to the best deserving project
  • Do some real science
  • Promotes Science Education
  • Design own experiments/projects
  • International Exposure
  • Awards and Accolades
  • Study Tools
  • Science Forum
  • Regular mentoring
  • Monitoring of projects
  • Potential Financial support from institutes/corporate
  • Ground level initiatives taken
  • Easy Registration
  • End to end solution
  • Top Exposure

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