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Participation in the Expo Science International 2019 is a great chance for showcasing projects of more than 1000 participants coming from more than 68 countries around the world. Be part of this event and let the world see your achievements!

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FGSI aims to promote and nurture science and scientific research among young Indian innovators; recognising and rewarding outstanding projects, and providing a platform for winning students to represent India at the International Science Fairs. Till 2019, more than 850 students from India and abroad have won more than 150 International And National Awards and accolades at various science fairs and competition against high schools and colleges from foreign countries and India too."

FGSI 2018 Board Final

Anwesha Das is a bronze medalist from the prestigious International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2018 organised by FGSI. In this Ted talk she is talking about about the role and opportunities of child innovators in India. We are proud of you Anwesha.

What Parents & Students SayOf participation in the international events

  • FGSI is a great platform to work with, especially when you want to generate an inclination towards science in your kids.

    Ankur Arora
  • My kids learnt much more about science through FGSI than their regular schools. I highly recommend it.

    Guru Prasadh
  • My kids are now, much more fascinated by science than before, all because of FGSI.

    Isha Banerjee
  • After working with FGSI, my kids rediscovered their passion for science. I urge all people to try their services.

    Shruti Mishra
  • My son praises very highly of FGSI, and his science grades have also improved. Science enthusiasts should try them.

    Ramesh Singh
  • I advice all parents to try FGSI’s services. They are great at what they do and I can’t recommend it highly enough

    Saurabh Gehlot

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