What is the Purpose of Exhibition?

  • 2018-10-08

Purpose of Exhibition – Education is the fusion process of teaching and learning. The purpose of education or for that matter of teaching is installing new beliefs, habits, information, and knowledge. Although books are a major source of information and learning, yet to develop new beliefs and habits by just reading and cramming a few books is just not possible. The education world including the teachers, are always on their toes searching the new and productive methods of teaching and learning process. Apart from the theoretical knowledge the education system also aims to develop social skills and soft skills among the students. There are various methods to involve students in learning and various modes to evaluate teachers as well as students in the teaching-learning process. An exhibition is a wonderful tool that caters to these entire requirements at the same time.

What is the Exhibition?

The exhibition is a general term used for the organized collection of selected items and their display in public. In more simple words, an exhibition is simply a collection of things for display. The exhibition focuses on the identification, display, and interpretation of collective things. Talking about the exhibition in the education process of teaching and learning, the exhibition is a test of the teachers as well as the students and their combined learning process. The teachers are tested on how far they have been successful in imparting the desired knowledge and skills whereas the students are tested on the parameters of how much they have acquired by the teaching process. Here, the exhibition displays the learning of the students and even in the complete process of the exhibition the teaching and learning process continues.

Where It is Conducted?

Exhibitions are generally conducted in the educational institutions for students. Museums, galleries, libraries, exhibition halls, and world fairs can also be used for the purpose of the exhibition. These days, the online exhibition is also in trend and students are provided with an online platform to showcase their talent and learning.

Types of Exhibition

Exhibitions can be of two types. Oral exhibition and multimedia exhibitions are the two kinds of exhibitions in which students take part.

  1. ORAL EXHIBITION: Here, the students present their model and explain the interpretation orally to their audiences. An audience can ask questions about the use and benefits of the model displayed and students are asked to answer all the queries.
  2. MULTIMEDIA EXHIBITION: The exhibition where the displayed model is explained with the use of multimedia technology like powerpoint presentations is termed as a multimedia exhibition.

Exhibitions serve as an influential platform to come together, share and build long-lasting relationships.

Purpose of Exhibition?

Exhibitions no doubt are a very effective tool of the learning process. There are numerous benefits to organizing an exhibition for students. Let us enlist the advantages of an exhibition and find out the sole purpose of the exhibition in the education process.

  1. MASS MEDIUM: exhibitions provide the students with a large platform to showcase their talent and present it in public. The exhibition is a mass medium through which students can represent their learning and hidden talent among others.
  2. EXPOSURE: an exhibition, of course, gives exposure to the students, exposure to the needs of the society, exposure to the new discoveries and inventions, exposure to working in the group.
  3. RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL MINDSET: in the process of exhibiting a model, the students undergo a lot of research work to arrive at the required meaningful information. The mind develops the technical approach towards any given problem and starts analyzing the hidden facts, working, and procedure of the model.
  4. SOCIAL SKILLS: education’s one of the most important aims is to impart and instill in the students’ social skills necessary to live a life of peace. Social skills are very crucial to living together in a social surrounding. The students learn to work in the group and respect each other’s views. The students learn to care and love other human beings in the group. They also realize the value and power of working together in a group.
  5. AWARENESS: getting involved in an exhibition demands awareness about the latest researches, challenges of the society, inventions and discoveries of the students. A student who is not aware of what is happening around him would not be able to give the desired results during the exhibition.
  6. CREATIVITY: The exhibition drives creativity from deep inside the students. The students search and explore creative solutions to the various challenges they have to deal with.
  7. CRITICAL THINKING: The science exhibition demands critical analysis of any situation and the students needs to analyze both the pros and cons of the challenge. After analyzing the situation from all possible perceptions, using the critical ability the students reach the desired conclusion or the solution.
  8. SOLUTION DEVELOPING: Generally, people feel anxiety or nervousness when faced with a challenge in life. The students when experience an exhibition ripen the solution developing ability. This ability to not becoming anxious and instead approach towards the solution or finding the best possible solutions help the students throughout life in facing major challenges.
  9. APPLICATION: Exhibition is one of the best methods to test the application of whatever has been taught or learned. The students learn to apply the knowledge and information collected through various sources and the teacher has the opportunity to test the students what and how much they have learned.
  10. GOAL SETTER: for the exhibition students need to select a challenge and then to find out the solution for the same by research and analysis. This way the students develop a tendency to set goals for themselves in life and then they work with all their strength to arrive at the solution and meet their goal. This helps the students to reach heights in their personal and professional life.
  11. PRESERVANCE: The models represented in an exhibition are preserved for future reference. In this way, a number of solutions to several problems are preserved.
  12. ACCEPTANCE: many times the talent does not get revealed due to a number of reasons. The exhibition is a great method to get the talent accepted and noticed. The words of praise raise the confidence and self-esteem of the students to strive for more.

Apart from the above, the student has some extra benefits when the students become a part of an exhibition,


The Concept of Exhibitions also brings reforms at three levels:

  1. Community-based
  2. Project-based
  3. Proficiency-based

Process and Need During Exhibition

  • Selecting a topic and subject
  • Making a team
  • Observing and gathering information
  • Finding the key challenges
  • Drawing a plan
  • Finding the solution
  • Dividing the duties
  • Making a budget
  • Working on plan
  • Making your model exhibit
  • Review and make sure it works properly
  • Practice speaking about the product and its functioning
  • Exhibit at the exhibition

The purpose of exhibition or participating in an exhibition is surely not an easy task. A student is required to have the following qualities to successfully participate in an exhibition:

  1. Happy and positive attitude
  2. Patience is accepting the queries
  3. Confidence and firmness
  4. Complete knowledge about the model or the product

The purpose of exhibition is one of the best tools in the teaching-learning process which takes hard work of many days and costs and in return develops the competitive spirit among the young generation.

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