About Project Innovation Program(PIP)

Project Innovation Program (PIP) is a highly ambitious program aimed at systematically opening young minds to innovate and create new solutions by pursuing original ideas, new products, new models, new processes, etc. Pilot programmes of project innovation have proved a useful platform to drive innovation and encourage creativity. In your progressive institution the full programme will also empower students to go beyond routine not only in science and maths but in all subjects.

Phases of Project Innovation Program
The Need

The best way to train young minds to innovate and to become creative is to let ideas flow from the minds of students, help them choose a few doable ones and then guide them to complete it.

Project innovation Cycle
The Program

Project innovation consists of a series of interactive sessions for providing sustained guidance. Under your overall supervision, we will be undertaking high quality research and development based projects right in your school.

This approach turns the existing system upside down. Under this we will not give any topic or area. We will ignite the minds of the students and let ideas flow. Students and teachers will choose projects and you will permit or stop them. Experiments and expert sessions will happen as decided by students. You will be able to select which projects are to be sent to competitions. Subject experts will also be provided for consultation to the students and teachers.


We will begin with two interactive sessions with interested students and teachers wherein we will guide them systematically to generate new ideas and possibilities.
These sessions are aimed at:

  • Removing blocks to creativity.
  • Giving new direction to students thought process.
  • Detailed project designing.
  • Team formation.
  • Background research.

After each session we will guide individually every student over phone and internet. All the projects discussed will be presented before an expert group for their suggestions and recommendations.

PHASE 2-EXPERIMENTATION: (till project completion)

Second phase will involve execution of project by experiments and review. Now we will be as per the plan approved by authorities. The focus will be on

  • Conducting experiments.
  • Subject expert visit to the school.
  • Data analysis.
  • Regular review.
  • Lab visits and field trips.

We will be visiting school to guide through experiments at least twice a month and offline support will be provided 24×7. After every experiment, data will be analyzed by us and next set of experiments planned and given in writing. If need arises we will also do the data acquisition with the team in laboratories. The quality of experiments will match the international scientific standards. Progress report will be sent to authorities every month for their approval.


Presentation means participation in various national and international competitions, expos, seminars, workshops etc. FGSI & Milset India will bring a number of opportunities for projects to participate in such events happening in India and across 80 countries. We will provide complete support at each level i.e. report writing, presentation, answering possible questions, project filing, travel, accommodation etc.

FGSI Presentation

We will also provide support in case the school chooses to write about their work in scientific journals, periodicals or newspapers.
Guidance for protecting intellectual property in the name of school/ project team and FGSI will be provided. We will also assist in the marketing part if the final product seems to have some commercial value.
Complete IPR to be sole property of the school/participant unless they choose to take FGSI help to register and develop the patent. However FGSI, after making proper references will use it exclusively for promotional purposes and for sending it to international competitions.
This phase will run simultaneously with second phase and there is no fix duration for this phase. Comprehensive one to one mentoring will be provided to all participants so that they can win at international levels.


For Students:

  • All students will get exposure to regional/national level competition.
  • Students will gain confidence and develop scientific aptitude.
  • Evolve in challenging environment and develop lateral thinking ability.
  • Become brand ambassador for the school.
  • Gain from possible future project development and monetisation.

For School:

  • Help deliver to their students an international platform for self-development.
  • Get an option to develop select students as brand ambassadors who are living examples of school’s success stories.
  • Get additional talking point in various forums.
  • Gain an edge over competition in the region and industry.

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