International Science Fairs

International Science Fairs

We along with MILSET India have exclusive tie-ups with over 22 International Science fairs across the globe with countries ranging from US, Mexico, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, UK etc.

It is our vision to ensure that every talented science student from India gets an opportunity to showcase his talent on International forum.

Science and Educational Tours

Domestic: We arrange low cost educational tours to places like Chilka lake, Tehri Dam, Lavasa – the first smart city in India and many more locations.

International: Our international science and educational tours are enriching for the students and teachers from India where in we ensure that the cross-cultural barriers are overcome and the participants get the best of both– Culture and science & technology.

International Science Fairs

Annual Mentoring Programs – 4 sessions a year

Annual Mentoring Programs

This is the core of our services where in the students are trained by our elite panel scientists to create and develop innovative ideas with a vision to catalyse their minds to be used for science enhancement with a human touch.

We use a well recognised process of ‘Mind Mapping’ to generate ideas and develop the ideas further with the help of access to incubation centres.

Incubation Centers

We are in the process of building incubation centres across India with a view to bring R&D access to young scientists and help them in developing their ideas with the right tools as and when they need them.

Incubation Centers

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