ESI - UAE 2019

ESI - UAE 2019

The best way to groom your skills is to show them to others. And when you find a good platform to show your talent to others, then it should not be wasted. We are talking about EXPO Science International 2019. This event is specially made for those who want to showcase their science projects to the people. This science fair is going to be held in the month of September 2019. More than 1000 participants from 68 different countries will be there showing their achievements to others. You can also be a part of this and get a chance to spread your knowledge and achievements to others.

What should be in your project?

If you are willing to participate in ESI 2019 then you must be aware that thousands of people will be there to watch your work. You should take care of the project that it should be simple and with an easy presentation. Your audience might consist of the people familiar not much with the science or there could be the school pupils too. So, in order to get the most out of it, you have to make your presentation easy to understand.

You project presentation and documents should be in simple English language. You should have a written abstract of 50 to 100 words along with a project paper about the overview of the project theory, its methods and the result of the project. If the committee wants to publish or share your project further, you are required to give your authorization for this. The total credit for this will be given to you.

How to Participate in ESI 2019?

If you are looking to participate in this event, fill in your project details on FGSI website and we will reach back to you. The project will be selected by National Organizers so it is necessary to contact them and give them important details about you and your project.

-> Online Registration at FGSI website with details of each person of the team.

-> Personal know abouts i.e. class, school details

-> Copy of Passport

-> Synopsis of project in at least 150 words

The event is going to be held in Abu Dhabi which is a very popular place along with many transportation methods. You will find direct flights to this place from any major location in all over the world. It is easy to reach here by choosing any on the emirate’s two international airports. Due to its continuously growing economy and infrastructure, Abu Dhabi is a very popular place for travelers and workers from all over the world.

The place where the event is organized is the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). It is placed in the capital city’s Diplomatic District. ADNEC is easy to reach from Abu Dhabi City Center by taking a 20-minute roadway. It is about 15 minute from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Benefits of ESI 2019

The event is fully focused to provide proper exposure to the young science aspirants. The organization is giving an international platform to the participants to show the world, what they have achieved using science and technology. The event aims at the development of scientific awareness in young people with the help of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, and Arts Program). So any type of science and technology projects are invited to this event.

MILSET is a non-profit and non-governmental, independent organization which is doing this initiative to promote science and technology in young people. The event is not an end, you will get chances to groom your skills and amplify your project reach if the organization likes it. Your project might get chances to go further with the help of MILSET and you may receive more popularity. Going to this event might be a big milestone in your life. If you have made your project with full dedication and creativity, it will be surely loved by everyone.

Tips for ESI 2019

You might take these tips to properly show your projects to others and impress them easily.

  • 1.  Try to make your project easy to understand
  • 2.  The results of the project should be clear and relatable for others
  • 3.  Prepare a good presentation and project documents
  • 4.  Try to elaborate your project as much as possible
  • 5.  Do deep study about the internal working structure of the project and its parts.

Do not wait if you are willing to do something great in your life. ESI 2019 is the best platform for you if you love science and want to go further in this field. Click below to register your project.