What is the Purpose of a Science Fair Project?

  • 2019-03-29

Purpose of a Science Fair Project – Well, why do you want your kids to participate in a science fair? Now tell me, why are 80% of students across the globe fascinated into learning science? Why is it they prefer learning science as their main-stream subject? Well, answers to these questions almost remain the same.

Science intrigues curiosity. Scientific projects always combine theories with nature. And nature has always fascinated the mankind. Science theories can further be improvised. Hence there is always a scope of innovation or invention when you start learning science. Curiosity and innovation are two main aspects that intrigue students towards taking up science. As the major learning subject. In this guide, we are going to elaborate on the purpose or importance of taking up science fair expo.

Here come answers to the question, what is the purpose of a science fair project? When we re-iterate reasons, you will automatically understand the purpose behind the same.

Re-kindles imagination

When you allow your kids to participate in science projects or science fair exhibitions, you give ample exposure to them. This is in terms of re-kindling their imagination. It can be a simple experiment.

Say for example, you want to develop a hypothesis on increasing levels of caffeine in young girls. For this, there are several aspects that go into the making. You should take their 12-hour sugar fasting levels. You will have to check their blood pressure levels before or after drinking coffee. Or a chilled can of diet Pepsi. You need to take readings. Then after series of experiments and findings, you can conclude. That there are alarming levels of caffeine in teen age girls. And the right food has to be taken to combat ill side-effects of the same. So you see, how one simple experiment can get your girl’s or boy’s thinking hat on.

Tremendous scope of innovation

When you allow your kids to participate in a variety of science fair events, you also expand the scope of innovation. Today’ scientific advancements are making tremendous breakthroughs in creating cheaper drugs for the Pharma. And hospitals are able to develop wide-spread inventions towards cure of diseases. We are able to find vaccines for diseases for which there was no cure earlier. Early detection of cancer is now able to help patients survive the deadly disease. So encouraging your kids to participate in science fairs is a purposeful one. As you expand their doors towards invention or innovation.

Increased recognition through medals, cash scholarships, sponsorship and so on

By encouraging students to participate in science fairs or projects, you are actually creating a bright road-map for their future. They can participate in exposiums or science fair units conducted at the school level. If they come out successful, they can represent at the national level. If the national panel gives a green signal, these students can emerge as proud participants at international Sci-fi events. Successful candidates not only add pride to the nation. But are also awarded with certificates, mementoes and cash scholarships. This way, increased exposure in science can earn them increased recognition. Few sponsorship companies also give away ransom cash awards towards funding one’s own start-up company.

You also help your children get admission into renowned colleges or universities across the globe. This is towards pursuing future studies. Hence increased exposure towards science projects can shape up your child’s future in all ways.

Improves the confidence levels of students

A student’s increased participation levels in science fair exhibitions can definitely ignite the passion in him/her. He/she develops the self-confidence to stand on a podium. To give a detailed explanation of demo exhibits, present white papers, prove the hypothesis and conclude. This way, your kid’s stage fear reduces. Thereby, confidence levels, improve by leaps and bounds.

The students will also be interviewed by a panel of judges before selection. This way, students or young children develop interview handling skills at a tender age.

Takes care of nature

When you expose students towards participating in science fairs, they tend to develop a greater affection towards natural surroundings. We find many entrepreneurs or IIT graduates leaving their plush jobs. They take up organic farming as their main source of profession. Because, science students are exposed to harmful chemicals used, while farming. Pesticides, insecticides and adulterated manures are used while crops are being cultivated. The connection between mankind and soil is a mind-boggling one.

When you take up organic farming or terrace farming, you can grow a choicest varieties of fruits or vegetables. This way, young scientists expose your children to eating wholesome food. In the longer years to come. Younger generation prevent massive de forestation. And resort to sapling of green plants or trees. You have one planet and you need to protect it towards de-generation. Hence advanced knowledge of science help students develop a nurturing attitude towards Mother Nature.

Address issues pertaining to global warming

This is again another issue plaguing the present world. Increasing population levels lead to increased vehicular pollution. These poisonous gases can easily contaminate the atmosphere levels surrounding the earth. The polar glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. This means the sea levels can rise. The temperature levels are increasing. Winters or summers are becoming unbearable. Tornados or storms are swiping cities across the world. The effects of global warming can increase the temperature of Earth by four degree Celsius. This rise in temperature can work havoc on our planet.

Increased students participation in science fair exhibitions can open up their minds and souls. Towards protecting our planet. Eco friendly vehicles can be designed to control the emission of Carbon Di-Oxide. Similarly, you can allow your kids to address several issues pertaining to global warming. You can help them devise innovative ways of living.


These are not just reasons but pointers that shape up the theme or purpose towards learning science. What is the purpose of a science fair project? Embark a larger-than-life concept by encouraging young students to take part in science fair projects.

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