Top Science Competitions For High School Students

  • 2018-11-09

The primary nature of the students is curious. They want to know and explore anything and everything. They want to question everything they are told and taught and are always eager to find new dimensions to things. They enjoy learning by doing, rather than by simply obeying and accepting what they are told. All these traits and character are at its peak during teenage when the child is a high school student. So, high school student’s age is just perfect for the science competitions. The curiosity of the high school student is channelized on the track of science competitions.

Why “Science” Competitions?

Science is the only subject which covers all the domains of life. Science is a diverse subject which includes all the chemical compositions, facts of the physical world and biology description of this world. Science gives the students a wide horizon to explore every realm of life. Science competitions present a platform of challenges for which students seek solutions by research. There are ample challenges surrounding us and we need to find the best and innovative solutions for global problems like air, water, global warming, etc. Also, new inventions and discoveries need scientific analysis and introspection and research on the part of the students to increase their potential and knowledge.

Why Competitions?

When students dive deep into exploration and experimentation to find the solution “pearl”, they need recognition. Competitions boost their spirit of diving deeper and searching the best pearl from the ocean of possibilities. The spirit to compete for forces them to perform their best in the competition. The best performance is not always about winning the prize, rather more often it is about recognition and identification. Science competitions at the age of high school students provide the best acceptance and appreciation of the hard work and efforts of the students. Competitions develop critical thinking capacity, reasoning, solution finding approach towards life, positivity, gaining strength to face challenges, research, and learning by doing. Working in peer pressure works as a motivation for the students in science competitions for high school students. These top science competitions for high school students also increase their curiosity and when solutions are found these competitions settle the curiosity and provide solace.


FGSI High school competition

Before we move on to top science competitions for high school student let us know what is this FGSI. Organizing top science competitions for high school students is not a child’s play. It takes many efforts, planning, coordination and action to organize a successful grand event of science competition. FGSI is a well-known brand in the field of event coordinator for students. FGSI aims to hunt and explore for the scientific talent among the young scientists and inspire them to be more creative and innovative in the field of science and technology. FGSI is a remarkable and outstanding organization providing a global platform for the science freak students. It organizes Project Innovation Program and International Science Fairs that facilitate the scientific attitude among the students.

Top Science Competitions For High School Students

Many science-based competitions are organized for high school students which involve their scientific talent and research caliber. Students prepare projects and models and display their talent in the science competitions. Here are listed some top science competitions for high school students which a student must participate in.

  1. Science Olympiad

    A competition that excites all the students including the students who do not like science as a subject is Science Olympiad. Groups of 15 students participate in 23 different competitions that include theoretical as well practical competitions. Practical competitions include lab events and building events whereas theoretical competition is all about study/ written tests. Activities like Crimebusters (Forensics), Bottle rocket, Hover Craft, Disease Detectives, Road Scholar (map work) and Wind power are the part of the top science competitions for high school students.

  2. Science Bowl

    Science Bowl is the top science competition for high school students who are very quick and active to play with their buzzers. It is a question-answer contest where 4 teams participate. Questions are asked from any scientific discipline and students need to study hard if they want to win the Science Bowl. Starting from the regional level the winners move to the state level and then the qualifying students compete at national level. To make practicing for the contest a bit easy, practice questions are available on the website.

  3. Discovery Education 3m Young Scientist Challenge

    Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge is one top science competition for high school students where the students participate at the individual level. The students are expected to search and identify for an existing problem or challenge which do not have any existing solution. The students have to brainstorm and explore their intelligence and knowledge to search for an innovative solution for the same challenge. In the event, the students are asked to present their video explaining both the challenge and its solution.

  4. First Lego League

    First Lego League is a science competition that is completed in two sections. One of the top science competitions for high school students, the first part is about building and programming a robot to do as many tasks as possible. The students are asked to face the interview and explain why they designed the robot the way they did.

The second section involves researching the given topic, identifying a challenge, coming up with the best possible solution and presenting it in the most creative manner. The students in the interview are also tested on the basis of core values like teamwork.

  1. Science Fairs

    Science fairs are yet another top science competition for high school students where the students prepare their projects and models individually and in groups. In the fair, the students are then asked to present it in front of the audience. A plethora of science fairs is organized to develop the scientific caliber in the students.

  2. Exploravision

    One of the most exciting science competition for high school students where the students dive deep into the world of current technology and imagine and predict that technology in the coming 20 years. The students have to present their written research and create 5 sample web pages.

  3. Engineer Girl

    An essay competition on the Engineer Girl site but is open for boys as well. Students have to write an essay on the up gradation of safety, health, and well being and environmental sustainability for a technology selected by students themselves.

  4. Destination Imagination:

    A team of 7 students enters an open-ended challenge from a number of different scientific areas. Students have to come up with their creative and innovative solution for the challenge and then present it in the form of a skit.

  5. e Cyber mission:

    As the name suggests it is a mission which includes hypothesis, experiment, research and test and finally concludes the solution. The mission folder is completed by students and submitted online.

  6. National Stem Video Game Challenge

    This top science competition for high school students aims at teaching computational skills and critical thinking among the students. The students can submit a game design document or the playable game.

The plethora of top science competitions for high school students are organized from time to time by various institutions and organizations to motivate and develop the passion for science and technology among them. The students must participate and explore such opportunities to have a better understanding and experience of the subject as well as life and the world.

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