Top 10 Science Experiments for High School

  • 2019-07-20

Science experiments for high school – One of the easiest ways to increase the involvement of students in science is by conducting science experiments. This will help the students understand the concept better and it will also increase their interest in science.

Here are the Top 10 Science Experiments for High School:

  1. Soda Fountain:

You need to carry out this experiment in an open space. You will need a bottle of cola and sugar-coated candies like mentos. In the open space keep the cola bottle, open it and put the mentos in it and run away. You will get a soda volcano.

This happens because the cola undergoes a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide. The sugar surface of the candy is rough. This provides more nucleation sites for the chemical reaction to take place.

  1. Bending Water:

For this, you will have to create static electricity. Blow a balloon and rub it on your head several times. This will help in creating static electricity. Now turn the tap on to get a steady stream of water. Now you have to bring the balloon close to this steady stream of water and you will be amazed to see what happens to the stream of water.

  1. Create a Rainbow:

This is one of the top 10 science experiments for high school which is based on density. Take 5 glasses of water, water, and different food colors. Now in the first 4 glasses put 3 tablespoons of water. Now to the first glass add one tablespoon of sugar, to the second glass add 2 tablespoons, to the third glass 3 tablespoons and the 4th glass add 4 tablespoons. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Now pour 1/4th liquid from the 4th glass into the 5th glass, next pour the liquid from 3rd glass slowly. Similarly, pour the liquid from 2nd and 1st glass. This has to be done very slowly. You will get a rainbow in the glass. This is due to the difference in the densities of the liquids.

  1. Make Some Hot Ice:

You must carry out this experiment under the supervision of your teachers. You need to add sodium acetate to the pan. Add a little water to the sodium acetate. Heat the mixture. Pour this mixture into a glass. Put this glass in the fridge for one hour. Now remove the mixture from the fridge. It will be in liquid form. Now the mixture will freeze immediately and the container will be hot from outside. This is an example of super-cooling.

  1. The Balloon that Inflates on Its Own:

In a bottle put two teaspoons of yeast, one teaspoon of sugar and 1 cup of water. Put a balloon on the bottle and put elastic around it. Now yeast which is a micro-organism will feed on the sugar and will respire and release carbon dioxide which will fill up the balloon and will inflate it.

  1. Slime Making:

Mix one tablespoon of borax in 75 ml of water and mix it well. Now in another cup add one tablespoon of PVA glue. To this add two tablespoons of water. To this add food color. To this glue, mixture adds one tablespoon of borax solution and leave it for a few seconds. You will get slime because borax will cause cross-linking between the strands of PVA. This is one of the top 10 science experiments for high school which students must try.

  1. Rockets:

Take a canister. Remove its lid. Stick Blu-tack inside the canister. Now stick an Alka-seltzer tablet to the Blu tack. Fill the canister with water. Now close the canister with the lid and turn in upside down and keep it on the floor and step back. The tablet will dissolve and will release carbon dioxide. Since the canister is closed the CO2 will generate pressure and the canister will go up like a rocket. You must carry out this experiment in an open space.

  1. Candy Chromatography:

It is always better to know what dyes are being used in your favorite candies. You can find this out with the help of candy chromatography. For this, you will need a coffee filter and a 1% salt solution. Here paper chromatography is used to separate the color pigments.

  1. Marvelous Bouncing Ball

For this, you will need a tennis ball and a basketball. Check how much the tennis ball and the basketball bounce separately. Now place the tennis ball on top of the basketball. Support the balls with your hands and drop them at the same time. Now be prepared to go far away to collect your tennis ball.

  1. Physics and Rice:

Take a clean jar and fill it with rice. Now put a pencil inside this jar of rice. Make sure that the jar is completely filled with rice. You will find that you will be able to pick up the entire jar with a pencil. This is due to the large friction between the pencil and the rice due to which you are not able to pull out the pencil.

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