Top 10 School Event Management Companies in Delhi

  • 2018-10-10

A school is an organization where children are made to learn a lot of skills together. A school provides learning space and learning environment for the children. It is like a second home for the students. In school, teachers take the place of parents. The teachers in the school not only give education to the students but they also help them to learn important concepts and skills. The teachers help the pupils to interact with other students socially and emotionally. They develop confidence, discipline, punctuality and other good traits in the children.

What are School Events

Not only the children but all of us get bored if there is no entertainment in our life. Teaching theoretically only with the help of books make the environment very dull and boring. So, to break the monotony and fill the learning process with excitement, all the schools conduct some co-curricular activities and events every year.

Importance of Events

1.Personality development: These events help to enhance the overall personality of the students. They help to enhance their thinking ability and creativity. They improve the interaction and communication skills of the students. Children become socially active and develop a habit of helping others.

 2. Builds self-confidence:

Many children do not try new things because they are afraid of failure. Some children hesitate while talking to others and some children are not able to perform on stage in front of an audience. In this case, such events help the children to overcome their fear and make them feel more confident and focused.

3. Participation enhances interest and hobbies of students:

It is the duty of both parents and teachers to encourage their kids and students to make them participate in the different events that are conducted by the school. One most important thing that should be kept in the notice is that the event in which the student is participating in should be somehow related to his hobby or interest.

The Events Which are Generally Organised by the Schools are-

1.Annual Day Event:

Every School celebrates annual day every year. Students present their communication skills, dancing, singing,  acting skills which make their parents and teachers feel proud. They are also rewarded for their wonderful performances in academic and co-curricular activities.

2.Sports Day:

Sports day is basically a sports event in which students participate in various Sports according to their interests and ability. Students participate in various games and activities and their main aim is to win trophies, prizes, and certificates.

3.School Fair:

It is also and another important event that is conducted by the school every year. Students participate in it either alone or with a group of friends. We can find bookstalls, games stalls, tea and coffee stalls, craft stalls, flower stalls, ice cream stalls and food stalls in such school fairs.

4.School Exhibition:

It is yet another important event that refers to the projects, presentation of all products through which students exhibit what they have learned in different fields. It enhances communication skills, public speaking, teamwork, research, and planning.

What is an Event Management Company

An event management company organizes various events in the school whether it’s an annual function, sports day, School fair, school exhibition or any other.

Top 10 School Event Management Companies in Delhi


FGSI is a leading school event management company in Delhi. Proper event management is the most important factor for any successful event. To conduct an event in the school is the most difficult task as it requires a lot of time, strength, money and most of all the safety of students. FGSIhandles all the responsibilities and make the event successful. They provide all necessary items like support team, audio audio-visual equipment, flowers, decoration, caterers and other arrangements. The coordination of the team and the performance in organizing an event is marvelous.

2. Cafe Walnut Event Creation

It is a very responsive and supportive company. They provide good services and leave clients with great experience. They develop a healthy relationship with their clients.

3. Kids Enjoying Events and Decoration

It successfully covers all the school events. They have vast experience in planning all types of events. They will leave you with a beautiful memory that you will never forget.

4. PingPong Moments

PingPong Moments is another name in the field of organizing different School events. They are extremely organized, friendly and healthy professional team of people which delivers the highest standards of customer service.

5. Delhi Event and Wedding Planner

Yet another school event management company in Delhi. It works effortlessly to provide their clients the best. They leave you with an unforgettable memory.

6. Yahvi Aura Events

It is one of the most innovative and creative companies that provides a great environment for the students. They plan each stage that makes the day the most beautiful one.

7. Ad Creation

They provide their clients with an organized Quality of work with hundreds of ideas according to your needs. They provide special services for all types of school events.  They Pay sincere attention to the needs of the clients.

8. SKL Events

It creates a suitable and safe environment for the children in the school.  they also take care of pre-event and post-event activities. They provide the perfect decor, lighting,  music, etc.

9. Vaani Celebration

It organizes all types of school events. They have all the new and fresh ideas with which they satisfy their customers.  it makes your event special and unique.

10. Theriot  Events

It is also a great event management company.  They help their clients in every possible way and they come with a bunch of new ideas and creativity.

FGSI is the best event management company in Delhi.  Their team consists of highly passionate professionals and their only aim is to provide quality time and experience which people get after attending an event.  The extraordinarily talented and creative team takes care of all the needs of clients. They provide high-quality entertainment.  They create magic by using the best audio-visual technology and leave the guests with a long-lasting impression. Other than the school events we also conduct other events like festivals, weddings, formal parties, concerts, ceremonies, conferences, and conventions. FGSI  offers you the best price in your budget.  The services they provide are the best and you will never feel duped because they organize your events at such a low price that you can’t even think of.

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