10 Incredible Science Facts That will Blow your Mind

  • 2018-09-12

Top 10 Incredible Science Facts – Schools and colleges teach us some awesome science facts such as magnetism, the periodic table, and DNA replication. But the magic of science doesn’t end here. It is the next level of science that makes it more alluring and interesting. In no particular below are certain scientific facts that would definitely amuse you.

Top 10 Incredible Science Facts:

Science Fact 1:

It takes nearly 8 minutes 17 seconds for the light to travel from the Sun’s surface to the Earth. But takes 1 million years to travel from Sun’s core to its surface.

This means that the light we get at this very moment was actually originated a million years ago. Fascinating right?

 Science Fact 2:

Helium when cooled to absolute zero degrees it becomes an anti-gravity liquid

The gas helium known for blowing up balloons has the most interesting property when it is cooled and converted to liquid form. Helium as a liquid will have zero viscosity without loss of kinetic energy giving it the power to oppose gravity and flow upwards from a vessel.

Science Fact 3:

A drive to space will only take you an hour

The distance between the earth’s surface and space is approximately 100 kilometers. Hence at a speed of 63 mph, it would take only an hour to reach the Karman line.

Science Fact 4:

The average weight of a cloud is equal to that of 80 elephants

The volume of a cloud is higher than the weight of the same. This makes the gases fly. But it is certainly not that light and fluffy as it seems.

Science Fact 5:

The color of the sun is ‘white’

The light that is emitted from the surface of the sun is white in color. Earth’s atmosphere

Science Fact 6:

Reach the moon by folding a paper in half exactly 42 times

This is the power of exponential, folding a paper with the breadth of 0.0039 Inch for 42 times it will have a height of 439,804 kilometers. The distance between earth and moon is 384473 kilometers. Get a paper and try it now!

Science Fact 7:

Superconductors conduct electricity with zero resistance

Some special elements For example diamond will act as a superconductor at a very low temperature. This has several applications like levitating objects, lossless machines and such.

Science Fact 8:

The human mind thinks in logarithmic scale

Logarithmic scale deals with multiplication and division whereas algebraic is addition and subtraction. In simple terms, Buy 1 get 2 offer seems more attractive to the human mind than Buy 50 get 51 offer, even though in both the case we receive only one product as free.

Science Fact 9:

A hydrophobic dress doesn’t get wet

Lotus leaf has a hydrophobic compound called ‘Trimethylsilanol’ which has the property to oppose the water molecules. The hydrophobic dress is made using this compound as the base, thus it doesn’t get wet or dirty.

Science Fact 10:

Time dilation is the scientific proof of time travel

A list of science facts can never be completed without time travel. According to the theory of relativity, as your speed increases time slows down for you compared to those who are traveling at a slower pace than yours, this phenomenon is referred to as time dilation.

No matter what we say, science is indeed a fascinating mystery, hope that this article scraped a small portion of that mystery to you. It is time to open the door of science to young children so that they can explore the conundrum.

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