Summer Science Activities for Preschoolers

  • 2018-06-27

Summer Science Activities are here and it’s a fun time for kids. For kids, it’s an opportunity to have some water activities, play with friends and basically chill out. With the rising heat and the unbearable weather, venturing out is too difficult. Science activities might be the best solution you might be looking for this summer. Simply do these fun activities in your home or garden with your kids and have the same amount of fun. Let’s look at the list of top and easy activities you can do at home:

  • Wind Science:

Simply create a wind anemometer with your kids and place it in your garden. The kids will have fun at the anemometer all day long with the wind changing direction in summers. You can also teach them about how the anemometer works and what are the different types and advantages of it.

  • Lego Stories:

Everyone just loves Lego. Buy a pack and build stuff with your kids on the porch and weave some beautiful stories around it. Colors in lego will help the kids to get a good understanding of them and make the confident towards color. The storytelling increases the imagination and creative power in kids.

  • Sand Volcano:

A simple and yet exciting activity for the kids.

Simply fill all the ingredients in a water bottle (baking soda, food coloring (optional)). Let the kids make a volcano of sound around it. You can even ask the kids to decorate the volcano with grasses and small twigs as if it was an island. When everything is ready, pour vinegar in it and the froth will start forming and coming out of the volcano. The kids will go happy with the sight of volcanic eruption and have a gala time.

  • Lava Experiment:

This is a simple experiment that can be done within the house and done repeatedly for a long duration. However, adult supervision is required all the time for the experiment.

Simply mix a half glass of water with any particular colors and keep it aside. Fill a separate glass ¾ with vegetable oil and then mix the watercolored glass prepared earlier into it. The color is mixed with water and the water does not mix with oil. This creates colored drops of water inside the oil and looks very fascinating. However, the bubbles settle down in the glass.

Next, break an Alka Seltzer tablet in the small piece and put it in the glass and watch. The Alka Seltzer tablet reacts with oil to produce bubbles that lift the colored drops to the top. This continues as long as the tablets do not get reacted completely. Then drop another one.

You can keep doing the activity the whole day with kids and it does not lose its fun element in it.

  • Ink Painting:

This is one of my favorites. Simply get an old register and drop a few drops of ink between the pages and close the book. After a few seconds open the book and see different patterns of ink designs made in the book. You can use an old notebook which might not be required anymore in the future for this.

Try these activities with kids and you would be surprised to see how much they learn from them. In the evening when the sun comes down, let them go to play to keep them motivated and every afternoon, try out a new experiment or an activity.

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