Science and Innovation Fair-2018 & Why it’s important

  • 2018-04-14

Science and Innovation Fair

Among all the academics in this world, we came up with something different, something better. The Science and Innovation Fair, which offers the opportunity to discover the raw talent and the curious minds which respond to science to represent India at various science fairs all over the world. It opens up a channel through which your students will get access to International Fairs – the cost of which will be either the parents or the institutions.

The benefits of this fair or fairs like these are that the student gets to learn about science, apart from books. A practical knowledge that will stay with them forever and will give them a detailed understanding to solve a problem or to create a new solution that they didn’t read in books.

Major benefits of the fair are:

  • Children show a lot of concentration in doing their science assignments, as they are entirely occupied in the experiment.
    Home projets also fetch families in them.
    Like students, they also become curious about the outcome of the projects. This is essential because the whole family starts seeing science as a subject of choice.
  • Their ability to think and observation improves; they build up new talents and skills. They are inquisitive about their surroundings and nature.
  • Students, therefore, learn how to independently study by researching.
  • It definitely helps them in choosing a professional science career.
  • They tend to have strong college applications as well as a job application.
  • Many colleges and universities offer merit scholarships to high school graduates who are winners in science fairs.
  • Of course science fair itself brings them generous scholarships, awards, plaques, medals, and certificates.
  • Award-winning science projects are selected to participate at the national and international levels, which further helps them to have more monetary awards and recognition. Hence, brings national and international fame.
  • Gains national as well as international traveling experience.

Fair Guidelines

  • Life Sciences (Plant Science, Animal Science, Health Science)
  • Chemical Sciences (including its application to Biology)
  • Physics (including Robotics, Intelligent Machine, and Engineering)
  • Computer Science (including Instrumentation and Embedded Science)
  • Mathematics (including Behavioral Science
  • Environmental Science (including Botany)

The project must be the original work done by the student.

Data to support experimentation is vital.

Engineering projects should have a basic working prototype.

It could also be structured experimentation bringing about a known result. Science essays and mere ideas do not qualify.


Judging standards

  • Novelty – 10 points
  • Scientific thought / Engineering goals – 10
  • Scientific Method / Engineering Design – 10 points
  • Data Management/presentation – 10
  • Applications – 10

The theme to be Innovation and motive to interact with international standards of science ventures

  • All projects shall get space to post their presentations in the form of posters, designs, and text.
  • Each poster shall get a space on the wall for 4 posters each poster with an area of 2*2 feet.
  • Each project team is advised to present their project preview in a period of 3 minutes and for questions 1 minute.
  • The participation details are there on our homepage and we encourage you to go check that out if you are eager to learn more about the event.

We at FGSI, always enhance scientific knowledge and encourage children and their parents to take a step further to make the science foundation stronger than ever.

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