Science Innovation 2019

  • 2018-12-22

Hosting science exhibitions or expo can definitely kindle the enthusiasm and creativity of budding scientists. Not all kids love watching movies. Today, quite a lot of 12-year-olds or pre-teens are making remarkable achievements in the field of science and medicine.

As parents, we need to shape up the younger minds. Re-kindle their interest by helping them demonstrate science exhibitions at the school level. If the projects are well represented, then they automatically get eligible to the next level. They can exhibit their budding ideas coupled with their projects at the nation-wide level. If the ideas are too good for portrayal, they represent the country at international sci-fi exhibitions or expo events.

Helping You Get Deeper Insights into Science Innovation 2020:

Getting Started Off

You will have to register the pupil’s name in the official registration links. This is as per the norms provided by your institute, school or University. It is not the right practice to obtain the list of attendees, hotel accommodation venue list, exhibition sponsors list, etc. from the hosting company. These details are kept confidential by the science exhibition hosting team. Third-party companies may try duping you with scholarships or other incentives for sharing details. Asa parent of the loyal kid, you are highly restricted from doing so. You cannot spam the reputation of the hosting company where your kids are participating in.

Topics Took for Discussion

Again for the benefit of students, I will be sharing some of the topics that will be taken up for discussion. Today, energy depletion and water scarcity are the key problems that are plaguing economies around the world. Henceforth, most of the topics taken up for discussion center around water purification or energy conservation. Some of the key topics include:

  1. For energy storage: Consider building from wood and use solar energy for power (If trees have to be felled down, you can consider other bio-degradable materials too)
  2. Water purification techniques
  3. How to build on a family-friendly and affordable intensive care unit
  4. How do you perform metrics on gauging energy efficiency

You can prepare your child on these key topics. You prepare the projects using the given resources or props. The kid should have tried and tested the model if it contains electrical circuits or electronic appliances. Topics will then be discussed at the end. A detailed collaborative approach can be followed. This is coupled with the purpose and theme of the project, your kid has chosen. You can visit to know more.

Choose a Formal Attire for the D-day

Some schools expect you to be in a proper school uniform. This is while you represent the school or the University at the International forum. Else if the school is not particular about the uniform, at least you can follow a formal dress code. Girls and boys must wear a neat tie and an overcoat. You can hang the school ID cards over your coat. And then you can give the presentation. Make sure, the child’s school shoes are brightly polished. Girls can oil their hair or apply a serum cream. Guys can apply mousse to keep their hair well-groomed. In short, your child must reflect a polished appearance while giving his/her speech at the podium.

Keep up the Time Limit

A lot of students represent different countries of the world. Hence, it is necessary for you to maintain the time frame. The project or the demo can be planned for 5-7 minutes. The explanation can be done in 8 minutes while you give a conclusion during the next two minutes. The project should have been rehearsed well before the onset of the expo. Within 15-20 minutes, your child must be able to cover all the aspects of the presentation. Lengthy presentations can confuse the panel jury who rate the performances of students.

Appreciate Fellow Students’ Point of View

Do not interrupt or ask questions while the presentation is going on. You may have another student who is presenting on the same topic as yours. In this case, you can take hand-notes, pertaining to the same. You can give your points. You can also mention “Adding to what XYZ had said, I would like to give more insight into the same’’. But never rebuke or go against what your fellow mate had said about the same topic. Refrain from discriminating against others. You might even get disqualified from the project when you try bullying other participants.


There would always be a Q&A session at the end of each program at the Science Innovation 2020. Some people call it FAQ. Few others title it as a questionnaire session. Some people call it a viva. The concept is the same. Audiences may throw random questions to you. This is based on the project you have presented in front of them. The panel jury may also question you on concepts that need a deeper degree of understanding.

Either way, never lose your cool. Do not underestimate yourself. You can give away the answers if you know them already. Else you can always say politely that you would get back to them. But, it is your responsibility to fine-tine the kid for the FAQ session as well. Additional hours of research might be needed to know about the topic inside-out. Thorough preparation can leave your kid highly confident enough to face the FAQ session.

Follow the Rules of the Organization

It is always better to carry a formal approach wherever you go. Do not jump food queues. Stay composed. Do not sound rude to the hotel waiter. Yes, you might be anxious to eat something before the onset of the event. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to portray a poor caliber of yourself. Be polite when you ask clarification from senior science professors. You definitely need to respect the chair.

Hence following the rules of the organization is a must-do. There is a saying which goes like this ‘Nice guys always finish last’. Actually, it is the other way around. Nice guys finish it off with a lasting impression.

These are some of the vital things you keep in mind while attending the coveted Science innovation 2020 expo. Stay focused and the success stays all yours!

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  1. Himnish Biswal says:

    Hi. My son going to 5th Class .He is reading in St Stephan school in Chandigarh. and he is good in scenic.
    Required upcoming events for science & Technology.
    Mother of Himnish

  2. prashant s. hiremath says:

    my innovations
    —– what is the process before big bang in univers ;. dead living things and living things difference, electron size in an atom ; newest consept spherical momentum how it differ from anguler momentum; expandation rule and formation rule ; in which chemical expandation and physical expandation rule; element formation rule and measurement ;primary stability and secondary stability of matter of particles;what is steric effect occurs actually in chemical; resion of formation of cyclo alkenes;spam diagram of ionic compounds . p d and t effects of chemicals;reaction stability time of ionic compounds;and their properties .; pesticide from sodium hypochloride{NaoCL}; BINARY CODE FORMULATION OF AN IONIC COMPOUNDS . general numerical PH formula of an ionic compounds ; alphabetical formuyla of an ionic compounds;MMIM numerical code of ionic compounds;AN valency formula of an ionic compounds ; SPAM numberAND spam formula of an ionic compounds ad more these are my all my own innovations want to submit in any research center and want to economical benifit pls help me for it with my own name regestation sir thanks i thinks these are all my innovations are push to next knolage thought of scientists so pls o not ignore me ; science want any newest innovations or thus i tryng my self to give newest knowlage to science so thought about me and my knolage so give me hint for it and help , god bless u each nd every day for ur growth and developments thsnks it is not fake sir it is my own innovations not duplicate?

    urs fathfully
    prashant s. hiremath
    gadhinglaj , dist ; kolhapur— maharastra form ghalli college gadhinglaj

  3. Basavareddy says:

    Myself Basavareddy S Madgi I am studying in BSC semester 5th semester I have innovation one bike that is 3 in 1 this is India first innovation that’s why how to apply international science exhibition our project please tell me

  4. Asish says:

    Hi this is asish
    I am indian,my name is Ashish and I want to know the procedure for applying for this. Please send some instructions for how to take part
    By asish

  5. Subham says:

    See sir I am of class7 my science execution is coming soo our topic is building nation through innovation so please tell me a good project thanks

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