Science Camp Activities for High School Students

  • 2018-06-06

When you are a teenager, there’s nothing more fun than being with friends. And being with your school pals on a School Science Camp is just an experience you wouldn’t want to forget for the rest of your life.

However, to be bland, schools sometimes make science camp more about discipline and less about science. We mean, it’s “Science” camp; teachers… let students have fun with science, your school strictness can wait. Camping means to have fun, well not literally, but you get our point, right?

To make Science Camps less boring and more enjoyable, we list some of the activities to help you and your school staff get through your camp with ease, memories, and knowledge.

Oil Spill Cleanup: –Oil Spill Cleanup

If you know what an Oil spill is, you know how terrible it is for the environment and aquatic animals. This activity or experiment is constructed to teach kids the measures and cleanup techniques to perform after an Oil spill. Knowledge of the polarity of water is a byproduct of this experiment. Methods and techniques like absorption and dispersion are taught via this activity.

Chemistry of Food Experiments: –Chemistry of Food Experiments

The knowledge of chemical components in everyday edible items is known as they are ‘tested’ by you. And by test, we mean chemically tested and not on your taste buds. A lengthy test is performed to find out the exact value of protein, glucose, and vitamin in your food items and this activity gives a familiar experience in lab equipment and lab procedures.

Environmental Testing: –Environmental Testing

What’s more important than letting kids know how much we need afforestation right now? Keeping kids up with the fact that humans have destroyed forests and water bodies with pollution is the best idea of all. This science camp activity will let our kids know the pollutants present in the air and water with the help of tests. The pH of water is tested as well as the presence of carbon in it. This is a fun and time-consuming activity that shows the mirror of how we treated Earth and encourages them to undo it and save the planet.

Forensic Experiments: –Forensic Experiments

When you are free in the wilds or in plains, how about a fake mystery game? Kids love playing a spy, and watching spy movies if we are not mistaken… how about having the same amount of fun minus the blood and murder? Sounds good? Well, we have news for you –get yourself a nice kit of gears, like fingerprint decals, a magnifying glass, and a chromatographer and wander into the area looking for clues and dusting them for fingerprints on them. Spin a story around it if you want to, it becomes more fun that way.

Gold Panning: –Gold Planning

You can also call it panning for minerals if you are not materialistic, although no one will believe you, so good luck with that. Work with a filter and a dry washer and get your hands a bit muddy. There’s no shame in getting stains when there is gold involved in the situation. Archaeologists are made this way.

Experiments with cosmetics: –Experiments with Cosmetics

Making cleansers and lotions with natural salts for body and face is a better science camp activity than being stuck with a funnel and a jar of water. Students can make sheets to notice the effects of those natural products on the face and body and can also learn what is good for their skin and what isn’t. Did we mention that you can make scents too?

Little Earthmovers: –Little Earthmovers

No, obviously no one can move the planet, “Earth” is a synonym of sand. Kids are supposed to be free with their creative juices and we give you an activity to bank on that. Get your arms and legs dirty while you make castles and maybe a spaceship with mud and some natural salts. It is fun, it is memorable and not to mention, if that ‘mud-spaceship’ works, you could be interstellar in no time.

Next time you enroll in a science camp, you’d know better how to invest your time and efforts and actually learn something. Science camps are meant to be fun and memorable, with a dash of knowledge… but, schools don’t make it that way.

Following the above activities, you are good to go on your own and the involvement of teachers can be neglected. Make your science camp fun, make it a memory you’ll cherish forever and be smart when you choose an experiment from the above-mentioned science camp activities, or better yet, choose and perform them all.

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