Science and Innovation Fair

  • 2019-02-02
Science and Innovation Fair – In this particular online segment, we are going to have a look at some of the attractive features of the Science and Innovation Fair


The introductory paragraph also lays emphasis on the overview as to why science fairs and exhibitions are really important. Among all subjects in academics, most of you are fascinated by science. You always have something interesting or innovative to do. Be it performing a chemical experiment in the laboratory. Or checking on how the bulbs work at the Physics lab. Else viewing an ant via the microscope. Science is the only subject which perfectly co-relates with nature.

Unleash your kid’s potential

At Science exhibitions or fairs, you develop a unique curiosity to unleash your child’s growth potential. You get a fantastic opportunity to discover the raw talents of your budding artist. A young boy spraying colors across his shirt is the one who sets expectations to enhance his creativity levels.

You can allow your children to participate in major Science fair exhibitions held across the nation. You also channelize the efforts or potential of your kids. This way, your children get a wonderful opportunity to represent at the internationally acclaimed Science fairs. Either the institutions or parents take up the cost.

Get a rewarding experience at the end of it

You may involve your child in an upcoming science exhibition or even a school project. The experience is a highly rewarding one, at the end of it. The entire family sits with you through the projects helping you to cut out demo props and so on. You can capture the content via a hypothesis. This way, the whole family is closely knitted to help you through. This way, the entire family finds science as the subject of choice.

As parents, this is something you will definitely have to consider. Yes, you may shell out heavy money to book flight tickets for all of you.

What if your kids come out in flying colors? Your children get meritorious admissions at international institutes. Your kid gets access to monetary rewards, national recognition, and fame. Here, you are laying a beautiful foundation for your children to succeed in life. Moreover, you allow your children to get a complete practical exposure. It develops their creative bent of mind that they devise newer solutions to solve problems. This is something they even wouldn’t have read in the books.

Other core benefits related to taking part in Science Fairs

These are the other core advantages of letting your children participate in science fairs. Here they are, in the form of bulleted points:

  • Children develop abilities to think and observe better.
  • They develop a sensitivity to protect nature and its surroundings.
  • Students learn how to study independently. They develop a sense of researching to dwell deeper into an area of study.
  • They develop newer talents and skills. This way, the teens get confidence on how to present papers in scientific sessions. They also get interviewing skills. As they would be interviewed by the panel of judges who would be taking them through, to the finals.
  • Students get a better focus on which science stream they should choose.
  • High school graduates are entitled to receive lucrative scholarships or fee waivers. Especially when quite a lot of colleges, universities or educational institutions prefer brighter students over others.
  • The science fair exhibitions and fairs give students tremendous scholarships, rewards, and awards. You also get national fame and recognition.
  • Above all, students get a fantastic opportunity to travel abroad and discover overseas culture.


Certain guidelines pertaining to the upcoming science fair exhibitions

The pointers will again be presented to you in the form of a bulleted version.

  • For a life sciences project, you will have to focus on a) Plant Sciences b) Animal Sciences and c) Health Sciences. Say, for instance, World citizens are planning to go vegan to end the cruelty done to animals.
  • Physics includes robotics, engineering and devising intelligent machines. For example, you can devise robots based on artificial intelligence.
  • Chemical sciences applied with Biology. Say, for instance, you can devise cooking methods that keep food nutritious and fresh.
  • Computer Science by clubbing instrumentation and embedded science. Students can devise how to drop auto-pilot greeting cards to wish someone for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Mathematics clubs behavioral sciences.
  • Environmental science includes Botany.
  • The project must be the original work of the student. It should be coupled with relevant experiments, demo exhibits, and fairly driven hypothesis.
  • You need to create case studies or white papers pertaining to the same. Adequate researching has to be done to give details following the experiment.
  • Engineering projects must have classy working prototypes.
  • Above all, students need to structure data in a systematic and methodical manner. Essays and deviated content cannot qualify


Judging parameters

These are some of the parameters by which students are judged. Here we go with the same:

  • Using innovation: This aspect carries 10 points.
  • Using engineered goals or using scientific bent of mind: Here, the student scoring well gets 10 points.
  • Doing the experiment using engineering design: for innovation and using complicated engineering prototypes, the student can again score 10 points.
  • Sequencing data or presentation carries 10 points
  • Using application oriented project demo exhibits can carry 10 points.


These are some of the vital aspects pertaining to Science and Innovation Fair.


Allow students to choose their desired area of study. Never dissuade them to do something against their interests. As teachers, you need to keep motivating students right from day 1. If students are unable to research on a particular topic, you can do it for them.

The institute can also help students create white papers or hypothesis. Other subject teachers can give waivers thereby allowing participants to focus on the project better. The lost lessons or topics in other subjects can be compensated once the event is over. Participating in the Science and Innovation Fair can be the biggest opportunity for the students to prove their mettle. They cannot afford to lose the golden opportunity that is handed over to them across a golden plate.

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