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  • 2019-08-17

Popular Science Exhibition and Events of India

The purpose of the science exhibition is to gather the experts, researchers and scientists together to exchange their point of views and researches in their particular field. In India, there are so many popular science exhibitions and events will be held to promote scientific researches and also to give a platform to the students in the field of science. The list of the few popular events in India is as follows:

1. International Conference on Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (Biospectrum)

The international conference on biotechnology and biological sciences mainly focuses on the topics related to biotechnology and biological sciences such as animal biotechnology, algal biotechnology, stem cell research & tissue science, pharmaceutical biotechnology, green biotechnology, tissue engineering, bioenvironmental engineering and risk assessment, microbial genome, neural computing¸ DNA computing, biomass derivatives in petrochemistry, catalytic processes for biofuels production, biodiversity and biotechnological research, biodiversity and ecological balance and many more. This event is one of the popular events in India to bring real talent together.

2. IoT India Congress (IoTIndCongress)

IoT Or India Congress is India’s most important union of digital technology sponsors, which discloses as an India’s greatest event. The fourth edition of the IoT is themed as “mainstreaming the internet of things”. This is the stage of platforms for the internet things in India for amalgamating the uneven ecosystem and to validate various business occasions and outcomes.

3. APCYS (Asia pacific conference of young scientists)

This is a conference held for young scientists in the world. The aim of the APCYS is to gather young scientist of the world together to exchange their research and ideas. Students from different schools come and exchange their ideas and peers on this big platform.

4. YASH 2019

This event is the biggest opportunity for the students who are looking to showcase their amazing ideas and projects organized by the FGSI. The popular events in India are going to held in October 2019 at hotel vivanta Taj, Faridabad. Winner of each category will be awarded laterally with the experience they are guaranteed to get.

5. IEYI – 2019 (International Exhibition for young inventors)

The event is organized by the FGSI to bring the best talent across the globe together on a mutual platform to present their ideas and researches. This platform will help the young and intelligent brains to bring their innovations and ideas in front of the world.

6. World Congress on Pharmacology (WCP)

World Congress on Pharmacology is the conference that brings “drug discoverers, designers, and developer seniors together to discuss recent development in the pharma industry and also the experts and developers debate on the strategies and solutions to progress further drug discoveries. The WCP aims to focus on the importance to understand drugs and other medicines and how they affect human physiology whether in a good way or bad. More researches in pharmacology deal with classifying and retorting to drug connections and its side effects also the machinery of the various actions, its healing guide and thus treat accordingly.

7. International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSCH)

International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSCH) has an objective to bring Academicians, researchers, scientists, and research scholars together to exchange and share their experiences, new researches, and results in their particular subjects such as humanities and social sciences and discuss the challenges they faced during research and perceptions on the problems would have face in upcoming researches and their solutions.

8. International Conference on Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences (ICAFLS)

International Conference on Agriculture, forestry and life sciences has an objective to become the chief annual session in fields related to “agriculture, forestry, and life sciences”. The main goal of the International Conference on Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences is to gather scholars and experts from all over the world to present developments in the fields and to discuss new ideas and information related to “agriculture, forestry, and life sciences”. This meeting will also deliver a supreme environment to develop new and successful associations and meet scholars on the products, application, and basics of the Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences fields.

9. The Biopharma Summit India (BPSI)

The biopharma summit India gathered hundreds of experts and scientists together to discuss the challenges and results in the field of pharma. With the continuous development in technology and supervisory requirements pouring noteworthy changes. There a huge number of amazing, exciting workflows emerging for research, development and routine pharma and biopharma milieu which helps to overcome particular challenges in the field of pharma.

10. International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET)

International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET) is an exclusive podium that brings innovative academics and industrial experts together in the field of engineering, science, and technology to a common environment. It provides a valuable platform to the researchers, scholars, and experts and also some scientists to exchange their facts and ideas together.

11. International Conference on Physical & Life Sciences (ICPLS)

International Conference on Physical & Life Sciences (ICPLS) is held to endorse a perilous understanding of the groundbreakingly and biological tactics from life sciences to physical in the direction of development. It is very obvious that the field of the science cross over the million areas and disciplines this is why in this exhibition author and experts are welcomed here to submit from an assortment of perspective, topics, and disciplines. The assortment of suggestion may include experimental, intangible and their case studies.

12. International Conference on Environment and Life Science (ICENLISC)

International Conference on Environment and Life Science (ICENLISC) is organized to bring advanced researchers and industrial connoisseurs in the special field of Environmental and life sciences to a very mutual medium. The chief goal of the discussion is to promote evolving and research activities in life science and the environment. Another main goal is to encourage scientific information between scientists, experts, developers, engineers, students and other experts who are practicing abroad. The discussion will be detained in the continuous interval to make it a chief platform for the experts and other people related to the environmental and life sciences field.

13. International Conference on IT & Computer Science (ICITCS)

International Conference on IT & Computer Science (ICITCS) are held to bring experts from governments, industry, experienced in engineering and academia. This event is held to make efforts to provide an amazing platform to researchers, policymakers, students, activists and professionals from the IT and computer sciences field.

These are the few most important and popular science exhibition and events but apart from them there are few another science events are held in India such as World Aqua Congress – International Conference & Exhibition (WAC), International Conference on Researches in Science and Technology (ICRST), National Seminar on BioResources, Conservation and Management Strategies for Rural Development, International Conference on Behavioral and Health Sciences (ICBHS).

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