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  • 2018-11-09

Online Competitions – We must have heard that education is the key to success. Off course education is no doubt the foundation of our success. In today’s time, the role of education has spread its wings and has diversified to various areas. Holistic development of the students in all the domains i.e., cognitive domain, affective domain, and the psychomotor domain is the responsibility of the education system at school.

Importance of Competitions

Today’s education system consists of scholastic and co-scholastic programs. To analyze and evaluate the performance and learning of the students several scholastic and co-scholastic techniques are used, competitions are one such unique tool to test the learning on the part of school students. Competitions are also used as an effective tool to teach certain skills to school students. Competitions develop the learning spirit, creativity, confidence, and various other skills. Competitions provide a wonderful platform for school students to showcase their skills and ability.

Online Competitions

In the fast-moving world of technology, how can education and assessments and evaluation lag behind? This generation of students is so tech-friendly that they love to spend most of their time around screens. In such a scenario, online competitions for school students are a very genuine and reliable method of evaluation and exploring the talent of students. Online competitions for school students give a common platform for all the creative and talented students to showcase their talent and get it appreciated and awarded.

Various Online Competitions For School Students

Online competitions are held on various topics and cover different zones. Some online competitions for school students can focus on academic learning while some online competitions for school students can relate to the hobbies and co-scholastic sphere. The various online competitions for school students are listed below in two categories.

  1. Scholastic category

    : It includes online competitions like quiz, essay competitions, creative writing competitions, science fairs, debate, and other technology-related competitions.

  2. Co-scholastic category

    It includes online competitions like art competitions, photography competitions, dance and singing, and acting competitions.

Scholastic Online Competitions For School Students

  1. Quiz

    Quiz competitions online can be held at various levels and can cover different categories of subjects. Online quiz competitions judge the Intelligence Quotient of the students and their awareness about their surroundings and world. The quiz competitions are held according to the age group or the standard of the students. The students enroll through online forms and then appear for an online quiz where they have to answer a set number of questions in a limited frame of time. The winners are awarded.

  2. Essay Competitions

    Online essay competitions test the knowledge and creative writing ability of the students. The students are asked to write a descriptive essay on the hot topics and problem areas in the given frame of time.

  3. Creative Writing Competitions

    Online creative writing competitions for school students include an essay, story, short story, script writing, letter, debate, spiritual content, and poetry writing competitions.

  4. Google Science Fair

    It is global science and engineering online competition for school students where students are asked to submit an extraordinary science or engineering related project, either individually or in a group of three.

  5. Debate Competitions

    Online debate competition is a boon to those intelligent and creative students who lack the self-confidence to speak in public and are introvert by nature. Online debate competitions are very beneficial as they provide a stage where they can perform without being at the forefront. They can represent their strong views about any sensational topic either in favor or against.

  6. Coin A Name Competition

    Various magazines organize online competitions that ask the students to coin a name for their monthly magazine. The students have to suggest the best possible, attractive and creative name for the magazine. The best name selected wins.

  7. National Geographic Bee

    This competition is held by national geographic for the school students. It encourages the students to be aware of the geography and be updated about all the facts and findings that relate to geography. The main aim of such competitions is to give more command of the subject to the students.

  8. Doodle for Google

    Doodle for Google is an online competition held by Google which demands the school students to make the best logo for the Google company and share it online. The best logo selected will be displayed on all Google devices across the world and wins.

  9. Stem Video Game Challenge

    This online competition gives an opportunity for the school students to outcast their engineering capability and design an original video game and upload it online. The students use their science, technology, engineering, and creative brains to design an original and unique video game to win online competition for school students.

  10. Subject Specific Competitions (Science Bee & Maths Bee)

    To enhance the knowledge and command over specific subjects, online competitions for school students are held in respective subjects like science bee online competition or maths bee online competition. The subject knowledge and updated information and awareness of the subject are tested through such online competitions organized for school students.

  11. The Dupont Challenge

    It is a different kind of essay competition where the students are asked to write an essay on any one chosen topic out of three given topics and explain their solution to the already existing scientific problem.

  12. Shell Ideas 360

    It is a global competition organized by shell India for the school students. The competition motivates the school students to find solutions for catering to food, energy and water issues. The innovative ideas of students are appreciated and awarded.

Co-Scholastic Online Competitions For School Students

  1. National Geographic Student Photo Competition
  2. Art Contest- Young Arts
  3. Sony World Photography Awards
  4. Artistic Competitions

There is no limitation of opportunity for aspiring students. The creative minds find the opportunity and welcome it. Online competitions for students are such opportunities to be explored. The students, as well as the institution and society as a whole, get benefitted. With the help of the creative minds of the students, society finds solutions for many problems and gets many innovative ideas and the students get a platform to show their talent. Find, explore and avail all such opportunities of online competitions for school students.

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