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  • 2019-02-12

Just like nature, scientific theories have always fascinated man. The passion to discover something new can actually be a fulfilling experience; both for the scientists and for the audiences for whom the equipment or scientific inventions are aimed at. Here we introduce the latest science and technology inventions made during the 21stCentury.

In this online guide, you will be learning about some of the mind-blowing breakthroughs in science and technology. Starting from exploring space bigger until detecting cancer cells faster, we have it all.

Do you want to check out what these cool inventions are?

Explore ripples through the gravitational waves

Albert Einstein was the very first scientist to discover the fact that designing a time-machine is possible. He proved his theory through laws of relativity where he clearly says that time travel is possible. The recent findings of the LIGO project conducted at the USA confirm the findings.

This project has detected gravitational waves, where scientists could develop a time machine. This way, one can explore the earliest and darkest parts of the Universe. It is for the very first time, we literally see the ripples made in space-time.

Water on Mars

This is again a phenomenal breakthrough in science and technology. Space scientists have discovered water at Mars. This fact was confirmed via the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Centre during September 2015.

The evidence of the existence of water on planet Mars was detected using the imaging spectrometer of NASA. This is named MRO- Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Using this particular equipment, scientists were successful in discovering the presence of hydrated salts across varied locations on Mars.  During the warm season, the hydrated salts darken and flow down steep. Colder months allow these to fade out. This phenomenon cannot happen without the presence of water.

Get hands-on to robotic body parts

Taking the expertise on techniques propped via biomechanics and engineering, scientists have discovered robotic body parts. The University of Twente has devised robotic arms. These can help those of you impacted with the Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The robotic arms aid or double up residual function across your impacted arms. The University of Twente also developed prosthetic limbs to those soldiers who lost their limbs at the US military. These robots body parts extensively make use of exoskeletons giving a new lease of life to the elderly, physically challenged and those impacted with strokes. Or even to those who have survived life-threatening accidents.

T Rex Tissue

Developing better insight into what the T Rex tissue is all about, definitely add brownie points to the latest science and technology inventions. The Tyrannosaurus was a breed of dinosaurs that were in existence 70 million years ago. Using the patented or preserved form of tissues known as T-rex tissues, scientists have come up with an interesting hypothesis.

Mary Higby Schweitzer who belonged to North Carolina State University and the Montana State University discovered flexible and transparent blood vessels inside the T-Rex tissues. The T Rex tissue is a soft molecular form of iron that is stored in between the legs. This way, you are able to determine the physiology of dinosaurs. You can study its cellular and molecular structures too. With this particular discovery, you get the conclusion that dinosaurs resembled bigger birds like the ostrich.

Advanced medical treatments to cure HIV/AIDS

This is a scientific breakthrough worth mentioning. Really sad to know that there are almost 37 million people, across the world, who are affected by HIV/ AIDS. Out of these around 16 million are children. Sadly, no proper cure has been discovered to date.

You, however, have advanced medical therapy to treat HIV infected patients. You have a facility in Germany. Advanced medical treatment facilities have been given to patients in Germany for almost two decades from now. It is the antiretroviral therapy that helps AIDS patients live longer.

The breakthrough happened in 2007 when Dr Gero Hutter successfully cured a patient suffering from HIV/AIDS. He transplanted bone marrow from an HIV immune patient to a guy named Timothy Ray Brown. The patient got a complete cure from AIDS. What a miraculous cure?

Do you want to know more about dark matter?

In the year 2006, a team of researchers discovered the existence of dark matter within the Universe. They tested the masses present on bullet clusters of colliding galaxies. This way, the existence of dark matter within the Universe was confirmed.

Here is an interesting way to detect the presence of dark matter as suggested by Maxim Markevitch of Cambridge University. The dark matter is calculated from the bulk of visible matter that is disconnected from the rest of its mass. As per reports revealed by NASA, this has been a complete mystery. Almost 68% of the Universe still comprises of dark energy.

What causes improper DNA mutations in Cancer patients?

It was in the year 2003 that scientists completed the sequencing of the human genome. This holds the blueprint to genetic DNA or mutations that can cause cancer. It took them nearly three whole years to finish sequencing the 3 billion letters that form a part of the human DNA.

This medical sequencing identifies the wrong mutations in an effective manner. Therefore the sequencing techniques have now been integrated into medical facilities. This way, oncologists understand the underlying cause on the formation of cancers like leukaemia and also get an understanding of the genes between the formation of eczema or diabetes. The sequencing clearly characterizes the formation of DNA or RNA based cancer cells.

Formation of human organs

Through stem cell therapy, scientists have successfully learnt how to grow human organs. This way, you don’t have to take harsh medications or wait for donors. Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have discovered how to regenerate heart tissue through adult skin cells.

This way several other organs like fallopian tubes, brain, liver, lungs and kidneys can be regrown. Ailing patients can recover faster when they take up medical care using stem cell therapy.

These are some of the latest science and technology inventions that have taken the world by storm. You have more like water getting converted into fuel or usage of water molecules to transmit audio messages. These will be taken up at length in the next segment. While for now, we come to a close.

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