Importance of Science in Our Life

  • 2019-02-21

Importance of Science in Our Life – What would life be if we had not made leaping advancements in science and technology? We would be lighting the fire by rubbing two stones. You would wear a thick leafy dress to protect yourself from heat and cold. You would still be under the perception that the earth is flat and stationery. You would never be able to listen to music or watch movies. You would never know more about the world as there would not be telecommunications or digital media. You can never converse over the telephone to know if your distant cousin wants your help or not. In short, the entire world would have come to a stand-still without developments in science and technology.

Helping you understand 7 main reasons to reiterate the importance of science in our life. Here we go with the apt reasons:

Importance of Science in Our Life:-


Kindles imagination and creativity

You might have come across an apple falling on your head. But it was the innate imagination and re-kindled creativity that made Newton discover laws of gravity. Quite a lot of ancestors might have seen birds flying in the sky. But it was Wright Brothers who had envisioned life beyond the ordinary. They attached fins to metallic objects so that these can fly in the sky. Now can we imagine life without helicopters, jets or airplanes? These are the fastest mode of transportation that even provides relief material to those affected by floods, famines, and warfare. So interest in science helps your kid re-kindle his or her imagination. Today younger teens are coming up with remarkable devices to detect cancer or to purify water.

Tested and proven

Unlike fiction, scientific theories are based on hypothesis, testing, and conclusion. Newton’s law of gravity or Einstein’s law of relativity is what is spinning the world around. Science theories can be tested and proved at any time with the given conditions. These are theories that can never fail you. The accuracy and precision of scientific theories help your child develop a systematic or stream-lined pattern of thinking. To garner a better interest in science means your kid can test and prove himself to the outside world.

Creates an impact on the world

Again this is a very crucial aspect in determining the importance of science in our life. With leaping advances made by mankind in science and technology! You are able to appreciate the niceties of natural forces in a better way. Scientific theories develop newer technologies which you use in your daily life. Be it cooking, gardening, and reading weather map or even recycling. Facebook knowledge helps you express your opinion to the outside world. It brings like-minded people together calling for harmony and peace.

Opens up your knowledge on the universe and space

Space technology has always fascinated mankind. You have always been curious to know more about stars, planets, asteroids and clustered objects surrounding our galaxy. This interest in space would have been a dormant one, if massive advancements had not been done – especially in the field of space technology. Thanks to the sophisticated fleet of rockets, space satellites, and telescopes, we are able to explore the universe in a vibrant manner. Analyzing the solar or lunar movements also helps you gauge climatic situations in a well-informed manner. For all said and done, you yourself look at the planetary positions surrounding your horoscope. To know what the future holds for you as such.

Sense of achievement

You may want your kid to become a lawyer, engineer or even a chartered accountant. But never dissuade your children from taking part in Sci-Fi exhibitions. Testing a module and making a speech at the podium, can elevate the confidence of your kid, by leaps and bounds. Your kid heaves a sense of achievement, while his/her project is awarded scholarship. Or you win recognition to carry out your research towards the next level. Developing an interest in science, therefore definitely leads to a sense of achievement.

Develops a noble-hearted towards nature

This is another reason why children should be reiterated on the importance of science. They understand the global challenges or calamities the world is faced with. A group in Sri Lanka makes paper from the poop of elephants. For all said and done, you at least prevent millions of bamboo trees from being felled down. People create bio-degradable spoons and cutlery as plastic destroys the aquamarine structure of oceanic bodies. Eco-friendly Lord Vinayaka sculptures, turning into seeds, can be opted. Over the painted models which would be immersed into the sea. Again the idols made from paint causes harm to fishes, sharks, and other aquatic organisms. Children who love science are therefore motivated to save nature from getting a dent or eventually getting destroyed.

Paves way for a comfortable lifestyle

The younger generation seems to be getting everything on their platter. Thanks to massive developments in the field of science and technology. With online shopping, an initiative from the e-commerce development, you get your favorite products delivered, pretty much at your door-step. With the advent of sophisticated smartphones and mobile phones, you can literally do everything. At the click of a button, you can pay your mortgage bills or book your flight tickets. You get electrical gadgets for combing your hair or even for brushing your teeth. You get cooking appliances that make the mundane affair a hassle-free one. You get sophisticated human robots that can help the crippled, physically challenged and elderly perform their daily chores. Science and technology have touched upon each and every one of us.


These are 7 valid reasons that highlight the importance of science in our life. Encourage your kids to do better, by letting them take part in leading Science exhibitions. You can completely alter their way of thinking to better terms. Always respect the rules of the organization and make sure the kid is well prepared for the seminar. Every science project must be backed up by theory, explanation, hypothesis, the demo of exhibits and final conclusion. Performing well in front of judges can also open up the conversational abilities of your children.

Go for the actual plunge and help the children get the adrenaline rush. Or get that pulsating feel down their spine!

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