How can I Make School Fun for Kids?

  • 2019-11-20

Schools are educational havens and aim to provide only the best to the students. Most often, kids shy away from the idea of going back to school, especially after a long vacation or a summer/winter break.

Holidays are the time when both teachers and students take time and have fun, but it gets hard to send kids back to school after the holiday adventure.

So, you might ask – how can I make school fun for kids? This is the most asked question by both parents and teachers.

Getting back to the school routine can be quite overwhelming for the kids. While a few feel excited with the thought of being in school, others might find school boring and stressful. This is what makes it important to make school fun for kids.

It is time to bid worry a goodbye and try innovative ways to make kids excited at school. Let us have a look at a few tips that might be of help – to teachers and parents.

Tips for Parents To Make School Fun for Kids

Parents can follow a few tips to make the “going to school” routine exciting to kids. Let’s see what they are.

Try out the retail therapy

Most kids hate to go to school, and the reasons for the same can be many. Parents can try and make school as exciting as possible by using retail therapy. Take your kids out shopping where they can buy school supplies. Just let your kids have a little fun choosing the pencils or the pens they like. Just keep an eye on them and do not follow them around. Kids love to show their new belongings to their friends and do not wish to stay back at home, post their school supplies shopping. But do remember to know where to draw the line.

Make space for their study

Holidays and weekends are for fun but do not let that keep your kids away from books or homework. Create a space in your home where they can study for a specific time. Decorate the study space with exciting things, and let them chose where they need their desk or what they might want on it. When kids follow a study routine, they never get scared to attend the classes the next day. Having their own study space encourages them to take charge and will prepare them mentally too. It is going to be fun too!

Let homework be Fun

Worried about your kid not finishing his/her homework on time? Well, this is the plight of many parents, whose kids often hesitate to go to school the next day as they are not confident about their project or homework. Parents can make homework fun by adding a few exciting and new accessories to their desks. Just add a few colorful trays, pen stands, Post It notes of exciting shapes, etc. By making homework exciting, kids find the school to be fun too, and would never want to miss a class again.

Parents also need to spend time to keep a tab on the homework given. For example, schools often have a science fair for students and are given a project to work on. Parents can help kids do an exciting project which they can showcase with pride. Such an effort boosts the kid’s confidence, and they do not worry about attending school anymore. Well, they know that you have their back!

Plan New Lunch Menus

Lunchtime is fun and parents can make it exciting for kids by trying new ideas. Try out new recipes and make them do a taste test before you pack it for lunch. You can even have your kid choose a lunch box he/she likes.

Tips for Teachers

Teachers play an important role in grooming a child. Be it helping them with their academic progress or encouraging them to take part in science competitions for high school students; a teacher can help a student feel excited and confident at school. Teachers, especially those of primary and middle school can follow a few tips to make school fun for their students.

Create a supportive environment

Teachers need to be strict, but they also need to maintain a positive environment in the classroom. Kids are often gloomy when they come to school, as they have to leave their parents or siblings behind. Greet them with a warm smile or a hug (if possible) as it makes the child feel secure and safe, and boosts their confidence. Teachers can place some charts which can be used to talk about how they spent their weekend etc. Having a supportive environment will help the child to interact with the teacher without any fear and makes them feel relaxed.

Keep the classroom organized

Teachers always need to make that extra effort to keep their classrooms neat and organized, and this has to be done before the students enter the classrooms. Students need to have easy access to the stationary or the books they need. Educate students about the importance of organization. When the classroom is neat and organized, kids feel happy and organized, as well.

Follow classroom activities

Teaching need not always be about lectures. Kids can get bored after a few lectures, and this is what makes it important to have a few classroom activities every day. Schools can allow a few hours for physical and other activities that help to take out the academic burden from the child. There are several events for school students that can be conducted from time to time to make school life exciting and rewarding at the same time.

Teachers, too, can combine their lectures with activities like debates, or by showcasing simple experiments, making every class fun and exciting for the little ones. Teachers can also conduct a science fair for students at the end of each term where kids get to create a project on topics they have learned during that term.

School life need not be stressful anymore. Teachers need to get a little creative with the kids and need to set up a fun and exciting routines, giving kids a reason to go back to school every day.

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