Easy Science Fair Projects for Kids

  • 2019-05-17

Easy science fair projects for kids – Science fairs are great to develop creativity in the kids and promote their intelligence. In order to introduce your kids with the basics of science, these fairs play a necessary role. If your kid gets a chance for getting introduced with science fairs, you should not let it go. Kids love to do creative and interesting things. Science projects are enough to fulfill their desires. It is also a good way to showcase and groom their talents. There are lots of easy science fair project ideas for kids. We have put together some best ideas which your kid will surely love.

  1. Water Filter in a Bottle

It is good to teach your kids about the value of water and its cleanliness. This experiment can be done with the help of a plastic bottle. Cut the bottles bottom part carefully with the help of a cutter. Put any kind of filtering object on the neck of the bottle. Now, fill the bottle with different materials like Charcoal, sand, gravel, etc. The water is not preferred for drinking but its actually a cool and fun experiment for your kids. Nature works in the same way to filter the water which comes from our wastes. The experiment is good to understand nature’s natural filtration system.

  1. The Spinning Ball Project

Gravity is the most curious topic for the kids. There is a different type of projects that could be made based upon gravity. One of the best projects to understand the concept of gravity is spinning ball projects. To do this, place a plastic ball on the top of the table, then put a glass jar over it. Spin the jar in a circular motion. See how the ball moves in the upward and downward directions. This ball keeps moving inside the jar until it has slowed down. The project could be done in our homes, schools and fair easily.

This project explains the theory of gravity on a smaller scale. The gravitational force which is pulling this ball towards the side of the walls is stronger than the one which is pulling it downwards.

  1. The Rising Coin Experiment

This experiment is great to introduce your children with the bending of light and its effects of daily routines. This experiment is great for science fair projects because it is easy to do with very less equipment. You just have to stick a coin on the bottom of a metal or plastic bowl. Now, fill the bowl with little water. Go away from the bowl until the coin is disappeared. Start pouring water in the bowl and you will see the coin will appear from the same location. This experiment can be done with the help of only one or two persons.

This happens because when the bowl is filled with the water it bends the light due to its transparent and high refractive index properties. But when the bowl is empty, it is filled with the air which barely causes the light to bend.

  1. The Bouncing Egg Project

This project is good to understand some things about absorption. In this project, you have to cook a raw egg until it is perfectly boiled. Once it is boiled properly, take it out of the water and let it cool down. Now, Place this egg in a jar and fill it fully with the vinegar. Close the lid tightly and let the egg stay in it more about one week. After this time, take the egg out of the jar and dry it. It is ready to gently bouncing on the floor.

This happens because the vinegar is an acid which dissolves the eggshell. The eggshell membrane is not dissolved with the vinegar. So it works as a protection to the egg and allows it to bounce when we strike it gently on the table or floor.

  1. Three Layers of Experiment

To help your kids understanding the different material densities and their mixing capabilities, you can easily do it with this simple project. In this experiment, you will need a glass jar along with three different materials oil, honey, and water. To do this experiment, you have to fill the jar carefully with these materials in a uniform manner.

  • Fill the jar 1/3rd full with the honey
  • Now pour oil in the jar into its 2/3rd full
  • Now fill the remaining portion of the jar with the water.

You will be able to see these three different materials in their still positions without mixing with each other. It looks great when these materials remain separate.

This happens because of the different material densities. The density of honey is more than the oil which stops them to mix together. Water is less dense than oil. That is why it is not mixed with the oil and stay in the jar above the oil like its empty.

  1. Rising Tissue Experiment

This project is good to understand the concept of electricity and static energy. In this project, you have to rub a plastic comb on the woolen sweater. Now take small pieces of paper or tissues by cutting them with the help of a scissor. In this project, you will see when you take you rubbed comb near to these tissues, it attracts the tissues. These tissues or paper pieces attach to the comb. This is a simple and easy project to perform in the science fairs. You kids will easily do with their own.

When we rub the comb against the woollen sweater it creates negative charges around it. The tissues work as positive charges and start attracting each other.


We hope you will find these project worthy for your kids in science fairs. They are very easy to do. You can research a lot more about them on the internet or in the school laboratories. Just make sure to do everything carefully and try to understand the purpose of these experiments.

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