Positive Effect of Competition in Education

  • 2018-12-05

Competition is considered to be a healthy thing by many and for some, it deteriorates the confidence of the ones who fail. It is definitely one of the most misunderstood topics in the field of education. A question arises that should the students compete against one another? It is very difficult to know about what real competition means. It is one of the most difficult questions to face in the field of education. Many types of research and studies have been done to get an appropriate answer to this question. We have gone through all the researches and have been able to make sure that there should not be any confusion left in our minds about competition in education. Our answer to this question is definitely research backed and we will try our level best to cut through this confusion.  In this abstract, we will address some of the positives of competition in education. Upon our research, we have concluded that there are many benefits that students can receive while facing competition. Despite being losers and winners in the competition, it helps us to recognize the potential of students. We came to know an important fact that it is not necessary that every competition will provide benefits to students.

We even asked many parents share their experiences with their children in terms of competition and we received some amazing results. We found that most of them were confused about whether competition is good for their kids. While it is a great thing that when someone is a winner in the competition, it helps to nurture confidence and helps the child to grow but it is not necessary that the one who fails in a competition must lose all hope, rather it is believed that majority of the students unable to perform in the competition tend to increase their level to be able to compete well. This is how champions are made. Competition in schools help to develop self-discipline and drives the students to attain greater heights. Competition in education, when purposed and packaged in the right manner, can help to encourage learning, and give confidence to a student.


Healthy competition when guided in the right way can endow students with a lot of benefits and learn the below discussed things:

  • To cope with stress:
    A stressed child definitely breaks the heart of parents. But the process going on in the background is wonderful. In stress, a student is improving himself which makes him ready to face even more difficult problems. Stress is considered to be our body’s physiological reaction which helps us to improve. More importantly, stress is only developed in a competition when you have a winning attitude which is why you should be happy about as parents. Stress handling is what is to be induced in your child and that is what matters the most.

John Tauer, a Professor of Psychology at the University

                of St Thomas,  Minnesota says, ‘The way one handles

                stress is a reflection of what his adults have taught them’.

 To learn about themselves:

  • It is the spirit of competition which makes it possible for us to know about our strengths and weaknesses. Even if we lose, we take all the negative feedback from the competition, work on them and most importantly, take it on our self-esteem. This makes us return to the competition with a new hope, better preparation and overcome weaknesses. The competition also challenges us to make sure that we attain the level that is the best possible within our reach. While in competition, we also come to know about our fears as well as comforts. We get to know about our insecurities and what not.

 Vicki Zakrzewski, University of California, Berkeley says,‘As the level of competition rises, one gets to know about its insecurities and how to overcome them’.


  • identify a student’s personalities:
    Your child can be competitive in nature or might not be as competitive as he should be. Your child has to step into the competition almost every day in life. Thus, by identifying the caliber of your child as a parent, you can work on improving on his want to win. Being in a competition can clearly indicate to you the personalities of your child. After observing all the goods and odds, you have to make efforts to make him shine in competitions. Only by competitions in education, you will be able to recognize a student’s personality. Psychologist Erik Erikson notes, You see a child play, and it is so close to seeing an artist paint, for in play a child says things without uttering a word. You can see how he solves his problems. You can also see what’s wrong.
  • Increases Motivation:

This is another important benefit of competition. Doing well in a competition can boost you to the highest levels. After winning a competition, it is seen clearly that the student want to win another and want to always shine on top. Healthy competition increases the intrinsic motivation of a student. Competitions all over the world have proved to be the best motivators. They want to win the competition, again and again, give birth to legends. Thus, with the help of a healthy competition, we can induce the characteristics of a champion in every student from the very beginning of their life.

 My Recommendation

Above are given just a few of the of benefits that students can bestow through competition in education. Looking at these benefits, one can imagine how even small competitions can have a great effect on the mindset of students. It is a very serious job for educators, parents, and organizers of a competition to make sure that they plan it in such a way surely just to benefit students otherwise it makes take a wrong turn. In this post, we have not addressed all the benefits of competition but have just highlighted the major benefits with amazing outcomes. There are many social and community benefits that can be achieved through competition in education.

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